Monday, January 27, 2020  
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Business Listings
Irby's Blue Spruce Lodge
Hwy 11
Weippe, Idaho 83553
MaryAnn's Groceries
316 Main Street
Weippe, Idaho 83553

A full service mini Grocery and Gas Station.

Cold Pop & Hot Coffee !

Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies
147 Wilson Rd.
Weippe, Idaho 83553
Dexter Crossing the Water

Goats have been domesticated for thousands of years and are a common sight in rural areas. Contrary to some popular beliefs, hand raised goats are friendly and enjoy human company. They are loyal and hard working, making them an ideal pack animal.
   Goats were born for the back country. They are sure footed and have a low impact on the environment. They survive extremely well on common back country forage, which means no more packing feed.
    The goats most commonly used for packing are wethers (castrated males), from the larger dairy  breeds. A good sized wether is 36" tall at the shoulder and weighs 200 pounds. A goat in good condition can carry 25% of its body weight or approximately 50 pounds and can travel 5-12 miles per day depending on terrain.
    Pack goats are bonded to people at a young age by the breeder and follow along like the family dog, with no lead rope necessary unless specifically required in certain areas. Goats naturally have calm dispositions and are not easily spooked.  If you would like more information about pack goats, we recommend one of the books found in our store as an excellent place to start.


FREE EQUIPMENT CATALOG. Email or call toll free  1-888-PACKGOAT

Rolan Bison Ranch
4158 Four Mile Rd.
Weippe, Idaho 83553
Sherry's Cakes & Bouquets
Main Street
Weippe, Idaho 83553
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